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Kıymet Koloğlu KAMAN

Kıymet Koloğlu KAMAN

She was born in Trabzon in 1981. In 2003, she graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Architecture.

She actively worked in successful projects of architectural and interior architecture firms, projects and contracts.

She became a founding partner of KMN Architecture in 2006 following her experiences in design, projecting and application areas.

C. Üstün KAMAN

C. Üstün KAMAN

He was born in Corum in 1978. In 2000, he graduated from Erciyes University, Department of Architecture. During the training period, he was trained by the leading architecture lecturers of the country.

After graduation, he took senior roles in consulting, construction and architectural projects. He became a founding partner of KMN Architecture in 2006 to be able to use his experience and knowledge more actively and to make independent designs.

Architecture is an Opportunity;
Architecture is just an opportunity; The important thing is life, human.
Oscar Niemeyer

Kmn Architecture is an architectural company founded in 2006,  by Architect C. Ustun Kaman and Architect Kiymet K. Kaman, started out with the principle of producing outstanding projects and designing the places where people will feel their own special feelings, in the past 12 years, KmnMimarlık successfully signed many projects and principles at home and abroad.

The firm serves in architectural projects, interior architecture services, project and investment consultancy, concept project development areas.

One of the main features of Kmn Architecture is that it is a firm that attaches great importance to environmental elements and cares about its projects, takes care of the rights of its investors and finishes its projects rapidly and on time.

Our vision:

We aim to lead the sector by providing the satisfaction and complacency of our investors and our employees to create different designs with the best solutions in terms of aesthetic and functional aspects by taking into account the economics of the investor without missing the touch of the artist…

Our mission:

  • By following the innovative, changing and developing technologies, by searching the right materials, always looking for better with our competent and knowledgeable team,

  • To meet the needs and expectations of our current and potential investors, respecting their time and rights,

  • To fulfill our responsibility to mankind, to the environment and to professional values…

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